After something to make your event that little bit different? Or add that extra bit of sparkle.  At LadyLissy we are very excited to have created our hireware range full of lots of exciting items for every occasion.  Whether this is to run alongside the addition of fresh flowers or for dry hire so that you can create yourselves, its a perfect way to save a few pennies from buying products as well as saving the hassle of selling them on after your special day.  Our range is ever growing so if you are after something that we don't list then feel free to contact us through our contact page. 

Please click on the images below for more information on each product as well as images of them in action! 

Prices inc VAT and dimensions are listed in each items individual page -if you are interested in a product then please contact us with your event date and quantity required so we can get back to you promptly.  

All hireables are subject to delivery charges. 

All hireables with be charged at full retail value if damaged or lost. 




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